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Underwriting Company
KARE is a fully insured product written through three distinctive pricing tiered companies that are part of the ACE-USA Group of Insurance Companies. ACE-USA enjoys an A.M. Best Co. rating of A (Excellent) XIII, with over $30 billion in assets and is ranked among the top 20 property/casualty insurance groups in the United States.

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Other States Coverage
Through our arrangement with ACE, KARE writes workers' compensation insurance in all contiguous states in the country, with the exception of monopolistic states.* The only qualification criteria is that 60% or more of the total premium must come from Kentucky or Indiana based operations. If your client qualifies, other states coverage may be added at the policy inception date or anniversary date. In the case of an acquisition, merger, or expansion, however, it may be added mid-term.

There are many advantages to placing other states coverage with KARE, including:

bulletEfficiency - Because a single policy covers all operations, there is
spaceno need for multiple policies with multiple effective dates to track.

bulletConvenience - KARE will provide your client with a single
spacecombined billing for all workers' compensation coverage. Or if your
spaceclient prefers, we can provide separate bills for each location. As an
spaceadded convenience, KARE's flexible payment schedule options are
spaceavailable for other states coverage as well.

bulletContinuity - In most cases, the same loss control staff will
spacehandle all of your client's locations. Presently, our staff visits and
spaceassists accounts in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois,
spaceMississippi, and all points in between on a regular basis.

bulletLocal Management - While all claim handling is supervised from
spaceour Lousiville claims office for consistency/continuity, KARE has
spacesatellite claims offices in KY, IN, GA, TN, VA, PA, and IL, where local
spacestaff with local claims knowledge handle local claims.

bulletCost Effectiveness - Placing other states coverage with KARE
spacecan save your clients money. When policies are combined into one,
spacethe premium discount is generally higher. This cost advantage is
spaceoften lost when multiple smaller premium policies are written.

space*Monopolistic states include North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

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Types of Business Written
Today, in excess of 600 companies handle their workers' compensation needs with KARE. Manufacturing operations, service businesses, retail and wholesale trade operations and restaurants are some of the general industry types insured with KARE.

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Generally Excluded Business
While KARE underwrites each client on a case-by-case basis, several classes of risk are generally excluded, such as asbestos removal, armed guards, bars and taverns, chemical manufacturing, mining related exposures and 24-hour businesses open to the public. A quick call to one of our underwriters is always the best option.

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Minimum Premium
The minimum premium required for KARE to consider an account is $2,500.

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Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
The KARE program is sponsored by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, the state's largest multi-industry business association. With a statewide membership of more than 3,000 businesses, it brings concerned employers together to work for a better business climate. With power in numbers, the Kentucky Chamber is also able to provide many high quality services and products to its members. We hope you will encourage your KARE clients to take advantage of the many benefits of Chamber membership.

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Premium Installment Plans
A variety of installment options are available to your clients on a direct bill basis, without any interest or per installment charge:

bulletAnnual payment (1 payment)
bulletMonthly (12 equal payments)
bulletQuarterly (4 equal payments
bulletPreferred (25% down and the balance spread over 9 equal installments)

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Getting a Quote
To obtain a quote from KARE, you must submit the following information/documents. You may fax it to 502-489-6445 or email it to ronb@kareinsurance.com. If you have questions, contact our Underwriting Department.

bulletFully completed Acord application (Acord Form 130 - Workers'
Compensation Application
bulletCurrently valued loss runs from the past 3 to 5 years
bulletCurrent Experience Modification Worksheet, or 3 years premium
audit data, not including current year

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