KARE is a fully insured workers' compensation program endorsed by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, the largest multi-industry business association in Kentucky. KARE opened for business on May 1, 1993, as a group self-insured fund providing independent agents and their clients with an affordable, service-oriented workers' compensation market when such markets were very limited.

On November 1, 1997, KARE converted from a group self-insured fund to a fully insured insurance program in partnership with Allmerica Financial Corporation. Today, the fully insured KARE program is underwritten in conjunction with the ACE-USA Group of Insurance Companies, utilizing four distinct companies, each with its own separate pricing tier. ACE-USA enjoys an A.M. Best Co. rating of A (Excellent) XIII, with over $30 billion in assets and is ranked among the top 20 property/casualty insurance groups in the United States. This provides the stability we've always strived to offer our clients and allows us to be competitive, while providing flexibility in our offerings.

Over the years we have gained valuable insight into the nuances of doing business in Kentucky. We understand and stay on top of all the factors than can impact Kentucky businesses — everything from legislation to a changing business climate. We pride ourselves on knowing what is important to Kentucky employers concerning workplace coverage and services for protecting one of their most valuable assets — their employees.

Companies are realizing the direct relationship between safety, quality, productivity, and profitability. When it comes to workers' comp coverage, the need to identify and control workplace hazards before they become workers' comp claims is an important factor in this relationship. Our safety management team is trained in the most current risk assessment techniques to help employers identify and solve potential work site safety problems. However, because accidents are an inevitable part of the workers' compensation process, the true benchmark for quality in a workers' compensation program is how well claims are managed. KARE's professional claims services and managed care network of occupationally oriented healthcare providers focus on one priority — to restore and return injured workers to work as soon as practical. Together, our proactive approach to safety management and responsive approach to claims management help keep workers productive and businesses healthy. Best of all, KARE is able to deliver this unprecedented level of service at a very competitive price.

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